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Corporate Team Building for 600 to 20 Participants
A perfect choice for both large corporations and small teams alike

The 365 Oldtimer team-building is a unique and exclusive experience where you are sure to encounter never-before-seen curiosities.

Come and travel back in time to appreciate the present, rent a private room at the 365 Oldtimer Museum and immerse yourself in the world of veterans. There’s always a great atmosphere at 365 Oldtimer Team Builders and we tailor the theme to your needs!

What are the benefits of 365 Oldtimer Team Builder?

Diverse and great fun for the whole team

Catering from artisan hot dogs to elegant dinners

You can have your own animator, who will listen to you and personalise your experience

You can choose a particular brand, an era, a theme to immerse yourself in.

Our flexibility allows us to tailor the food and drink menu to suit the occasion and your tastes, whether it’s a casual event or a team-building evening with an elegant dinner.

For companies, we also offer payment by bank transfer.

Feel free to contact us even if you don’t know exactly what you want, and we’ll get back to you!

If you would like to see what the 365 Oldtimer Museum and the site looks like in advance, you are welcome to take a preview tour. We welcome your interest, please send a message with details to info@365oldtimermuseum.com.

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+36 30 648 7714

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