🏁Alain Prost – the first winning steps🏎️

Alain Prost was born on February 24, 1955 in Saint-Chamond, France. He became interested in racing at a young age and started karting in childhood. His passion for motor racing soon showed itself and he developed his skills through persistent training and racing.
Prost’s talent quickly attracted attention and he entered Formula 1 in the late 70s. He made his debut for Renault in 1981 and showed his talent in his first season with his first race win at the French Grand Prix. Among Renault’s cars, the Renault RE30B was one of the cars he raced with. (Renault Gordini EF1 V6, Turbo 1.5L. ~590hp).
His first victory was just the beginning. Prost delivered incredibly consistent performances and continued to achieve success in the years that followed. In the mid-1980s, he moved to McLaren, where he became one of the team’s leading figures. He won two world titles with McLaren (1985, 1986 with McLaren Honda MP4/2C (Honda RA186-E 80º V6 1.5L IHI Twinturbo ~900hp) and McLaren MP4/3: TAG-Porsche TTE PO1 1.5L V6 turbo engine ~790hp) and competed with the iconic Ayrton Senna in a rivalry that is one of the most memorable moments in F1 history. Among the pictures, Prost can be seen carrying the coffin at Senna’s funeral in the cemetery of Sao Paulo, which was his most touching and inspiring moment.
Throughout his career, Prost excelled not only in his sense of speed and technical knowledge, but also in his tactical sense and intelligent racing. This helped him rise to become one of the greatest in the history of the sport. He had such incredible abilities that he was able to predict before the race how his race would turn out and how to react to it. He finished countless races from midfield as a result. Because of this, he was named the Professor.
However, Alain Prost’s career was not paved only with success. He had to overcome many difficulties and achieved success in elite sports through long and hard work.

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