🏁Alain Prost – The Eternal Champion🏎️

Alain Prost experienced even more success and challenges in the rest of his career as he continued his legendary career in Formula 1.
In the late 1980s and early 90s, Prost continued to compete among the best. He won world titles in 1989, 1990 and 1993, making him the best in Formula 1 four times. (in 1990 with the Ferrari 641/2, which is a 3.5L V12 naturally aspirated at ~680hp/12750rpm.) These successes proved that Prost was not only talented, but also a persistent and adaptable driver, able to excel in changing conditions.
There were several reasons for his retreat. Firstly, the tragic death of his team-mate Ayrton Senna in the 1993 season shook him, and although he went on to become world champion at the end of the year, it contributed to his decision. Furthermore, Prost did not feel motivated to field replacements and was also disappointed with the performance of his race car. He also had disagreements with the managers regarding the management of the sport.
After a poor 1991 season, Prost couldn’t keep his mouth shut and openly criticized his employer for the poor car, which led to him being thanked for the job at Maranello and sacked. The change was so sudden that they didn’t even wait until the end of the season, so Prost had to miss the season-ending Australian Grand Prix due to the termination of the contract.
Incidentally, this statement after the Japanese Grand Prix led to the ominous dismissal:
“The Ferrari was like a terrible truck in Japan. It was not a pleasant experience at all. I told the team several times during the year what the problem was with the car, but no one listened to a single word I said.”

However, life did not stop for Alain Prost even after racing. He remained active in Formula 1, working as a consultant and manager for various teams, and continued to be involved in the development and promotion of the sport.

Prost’s life and career were exemplary in terms of perseverance, determination and intelligence. He showed that hard work and constant improvement allow both individual and team success.

Alain Prost will forever remain one of the greatest legends in F1 history and his memorable performances will forever inspire motorsport fans around the world.

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