The Aston Martin Valkyrie is a hypercar that takes on its rivals with its carbon fibre structure and F1-inspired design. Designed by the genius racing car designer Adrian Newey. Specifically, we’re talking about an 1139bhp V-12 hybrid engine wrapped in a race-ready, aerodynamic shape that’s the equivalent of an IMSA GTP prototype. Aston Martin has developed the Valkyrie’s otherworldly capabilities with the support of an impressive list of collaborators, including Rimac, and race suppliers Cosworth, Multimatic and Michelin – each contributing in their own areas of expertise. bearing in mind that the top speed is electronically limited to 220mph. The vaunted 60 mph sprint is claimed to be completed in 2.5 seconds, but this figure is far from reflective of the car’s ferocity. The Valkyrie represents a purity of intent and vision that is extremely rare in this day and age, and for those who can afford it, it is one of the most exclusive and exciting vehicles currently available.
The 2024 Valkyrie will not suffer any major changes. Arriving for 2023, the Spider edition will have a fully removable roof and a slightly lower top speed: 217 mph with the roof in place and 205 mph with the roof removed.
In this car, the driver and passenger both sit with their legs back, and there’s barely room for anything else. The teardrop-shaped cockpit’s wing doors close tightly, and claustrophobic passengers – even those of small stature – can feel cramped. It is also noisy, to the extent that ear protection is recommended. The Valkyrie’s performance dictates compromises, especially the super-tight cabin with no rear windows; a trio of cameras csn be seen to screens in the cabin so you can see what’s going on behind. Fortunately, there’s also a Spider version, with a more space-efficient layout. It offers relief from the cramped cockpit in the form of a removable roof panel. Critical data is displayed on a single OLED screen, and all the car’s switches are housed on the F1-style steering wheel, which can be removed for ease of entry and exit. A four-point seatbelt is standard, with several colour options available on the car.

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