The Brabus SL 6.9 is an exceptional old car that has been converted by the legendary tuning company Brabus. This rare Mercedes-Benz R 129 SL 600 was originally registered in September 1992 and now shines as a true vintage car. It is powered by a powerful 6.9-litre V12 engine that delivers 509 horsepower and 705 Nm of torque. 0-100 km/h acceleration is less than 4.8 seconds, while 0-200 km/h is less than 15 seconds – acceleration so smooth you don’t even notice it’s doing 250. These impressive acceleration figures make the Brabus SL 6.9 a real powerhouse and give it unrivalled dynamics on the road. The maximum speed of the Brabus SL 6.9 is an impressive 300 km/h.
Brabus is a German high-performance car parts tuning company founded in 1977 in Bottrop, in the Ruhr region. Brabus specialises mainly in Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Smart vehicles. However, they also modified other vehicles, including Porsche.
Brabus is famous for the high quality tuning parts they offer for Mercedes cars. This includes subtle exterior design, dynamic performance upgrades, unique wheels and elegant interiors. Cars tuned by Brabus are not only powerful and fast, but also have an exclusive look. Some examples of cars modified by Brabus:
• BRABUS ROCKET 1000: Based on the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance, with stunning performance and unique looks.
• BRABUS 600: Based on the Range Rover P 530, with sophisticated tuning and stylish styling.
• BRABUS 850: Based on the Mercedes-Maybach S 680, it combines luxury with powerful performance.
• BRABUS 750 “BODO BUSCHMANN” EDITION: Based on the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 Roadster, with a unique design and high performance.
Brabus is not only in cars, but also in marine vehicles. The BRABUS SHADOW 900 XC CROSS CABIN Black Ops Signature Edition, for example, is an exclusive superyacht that reflects Brabus’ passion for luxury and performance. Brabus is always pushing the boundaries, creating unique and stunning creations in the world of tuning.

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