The car that Roger Moore drove in The Saint. Arguably one of the finest cars of the sixties, and most importantly, a machine that was offered at an affordable price, the original Volvo 1800.
It’s one of the later, larger cars, that reborn Swedish-built car (1800S is S for Swedish) was powered by a revised 2.0-litre engine that produced 118bhp and accelerated from 0-62mph in 9.5 seconds.
Built by Cyan Racing, the Volvo is priced right through the roof at £380,000, the top of the restomod range. If you’re content with less horsepower and luxury, go for the original P1800 from the sixties.
Cyan Racing is the community formerly known as Polestar – before Volvo returned that name to its all-electric powered team. Whatever you call them, they are the current kings of the touring car world. They know exactly how to turn road-going Volvos into track-tuned champions. According to Hans Bååth, CEO of Cyan, this project was born to celebrate the 2017 World Touring Car Championship win, the same year Volvo celebrated its 90th birthday, and it is “a tribute to the whole of Volvo motorsport”.
With 414 hp and 7,700 rpm, Cyan Racing has dazzled us. The car is rear-wheel drive and capable of 275km/h. Weighing just 990kg, it’s less than a Ford Fiesta.

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