If there is a sample of the sports cars of the nineties that accurately describes the styling, expectations and equipment of the era. Then the Maserati Shamal is the perfect match. Let’s face it, the Maseratis of the 1990s were not the most reliable cars in the world – Biturbo, Ghibli and Shamal. None of them are the pinnacle of high quality parameters. 

But with their distinctive shapes, wide wheel arches and quirky details, they always had a certain edge and street cred. Decades later, we simply can’t stop looking at these wedge-shaped, understated, passive-aggressive Italian sports coupes. Somehow they went from being forgotten garage fillers and queens of the junkyard to the post-idealized nostalgic dream images of our time. So why not pay homage to these 1990s Maseratis with a tunning company?   With, say, a contemporary restomod?

Good question , now Fuoriserie and its creative team are starting to adapt the designs of that era to the technology of our present.

Carlo Borromeo is the influential designer who designed the Delta Futurista for Automobili Amos.  With the advice of the free minds at Garage Italia in Milan, Maserati’s new bespoke range is now in the pipeline. Fuoriserie’s artists have launched the Rekall project, creating a razor-sharp sports coupe that takes inspiration from the Shamal and other quintessential Maseratis from the 1990s and mixes them with a very modern twist. You could say that after three decades, Maserati’s 1990s design direction has reached its final evolution.

“The name Shamal has always intrigued us. A low production number, tasteful Gandini touches all around, a structural B-pillar that acts as a proper roll bar, a front spoiler at the bottom of the windscreen to reduce drag caused by the wipers and last but not least, a great starting point for the Rekall project,” continues Fuoriserie.

What is particularly interesting about Rekall’s project is that it leaves it to the public’s taste and opinion to decide what parameters the car should be reinterpreted according to. Whether it should be powered by a V8 engine or be all-electric, or even come back to us as a hybrid from the past. Whether the precious dashboard Cartier clock should be replaced by a digital one in keeping with the times. It was put to a vote via social media. You could vote for it on their Instagram page.

We are curious to see the results. The question itself may be of interest, which did not bring unlimited technical satisfaction in its time. Why do we embellish it with the passage of time in our memories. There is no doubt that these Maseratis were made with unique and distinctive styling features and that a second coming could be created by combining them with the technology of today.

Adam Gubán

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