The Morris Nomad is a car which was produced by Leyland Australia for the Australian market from 1969 to 1972. It is a hatchback version of the Morris 1500 sedan, itself a locally produced BMC ADO16 design with a larger engine.

The Nomad was a small – medium sized car, sitting above the Morris Mini in size and price. The hatchback styling resembles that of the Austin Maxi, which was never sold in Australia. It was a front wheel drive car, with an all-independent suspension linked by fluid filled chambers, which was called Hydrolastic suspension by the company.
It was called the Nomad presumably because the seats could all be folded down to form a bed that nomadic types might sleep on during their travels…
The suspension gave a comfortable ride, only suffering a little from “droop” if overloaded in the boot, and sometimes going into oversteer if the body rolled too much with hard cornering.
Power came from an BMC E-Series engine with a SOHC head, which provided improved performance and economy compared with the original Morris 1100 model. Four and five speed manual gearboxes were available.
Automatic versions of the 1500 sedan and Nomad were fitted with the 1275cc BMC A-Series engine and Automotive Products 4 speed automatic transmission also used in the MiniMatic models and marketed as a Morris 1300 Automatic.

The Morris Nomad was affectionately nicknamed the “Aussie Mini Wagon”. Its compact size and practical design made it a favorite among Australian families during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Whether hauling groceries or embarking on weekend road trips, the Nomad added a touch of nostalgia to everyday life Down Under.

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