The Porsche 911s redesigned by Singer Vehicle Design have been at the top of the range for years. One of the greatest sports cars the world has ever seen. Singer, which redesigned the 964, 911 models from 1989 to 1994. There’s the painfully long front end of the early 911s, and the simple interior. Only now the bodywork is carbon fibre and the interior is Bugatti-style. Everything in between has either been restored or replaced with something better than what left the factory.
Singer partnered with the iconic Formula One constructor for the Design and Lightweight Study, and after building 100 stunning cars, this car became the jewel in Singer’s crown. Road & Track journalist Preston Lerner embedded himself in the Singer team to follow the DLS’s realisation. From testing at the old RAF airfield in England to cramped engineering meetings in Los Angeles, Lerner witnessed the car go from dream to reality.
The DLS was unveiled at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Limited to just 75 units, the DLS began shipping in 2019 and buyers will have to pay $1.8 million for it, but for that small fortune you can own one of the most beautiful and awesome things you’ve ever put on four wheels.
Thanks to Williams’ contribution, the DLS is incredibly powerful; think 500 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. The redline comes in at 11,000 rpm, so it’s become a Singer trademark that their tachometer is honest. Of course, none of this was easy or cheap.
Mazen Fawaz, was managing director of DLS Singer, and founder Rob Dickenson’s approach to design and construction often leads to conflict with the engineering team, but in the end they produce brutally fast works of art like this car. so it has become a trademark of Singer that their rev counter is honest. None of this was easy or cheap.

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