Rob Dickinson, born in Norwich, grew up by the cliffs. He recognized a vast world beyond and viewed rock ‘n’ roll as his escape route. His cousin, Iron Maiden singer Bruce, had made this career choice somewhat acceptable to the family.
From the tender age of five, Rob’s passion for cars ran parallel to his musical pursuits. A pivotal moment occurred when his father pointed out a Porsche 911 overtaking their VW Beetle. The fascination for that car never waned.
Rob studied car design in Coventry, working alongside contemporary car design luminaries like Peter Stevens, Julian Thomson, and Simon Cox. Despite the allure of music, his total fascination with cars remained intact. Cars became his escape valve.

His driving journey began with his dad’s 1971 Opel Ascona estate, a bronze metallic beauty with a cream vinyl interior. Rear-wheel drive and brilliant on wet roundabouts, it even accommodated his drum kit. His first personal purchase? A beige Ford Fiesta. During his band years, he favored the Peugeot 106 XSi.
Then came the Porsches. In 1996, Rob acquired a 1987 911, and since then, it’s been all about these iconic sports cars. A bold move followed: he exchanged it for a one-third complete restoration of a rare 1973 911 2.4 S. With borrowed funds from his parents, he felt a deep obligation to restore it to its original glory.
Rob’s journey led him to LA in 2003, where he decided to sell everything in England, including a Porsche 356, to create his dream 911—the ultimate hybrid of all the lightweight, racing 911s he loved, mashed up as a cafe racer hot rod.

Rob Dickinson considers one specific moment as pivotal in his life. The Brown Bomber, his first car, now resides in the Petersen Museum in LA. Living in Hollywood, he felt like Steve McQueen, cruising up Mulholland Drive every Sunday. Enthusiasts constantly approached him, eager to buy the iconic car.
In 2006, inspiration struck: why not transform an old Porsche 911 into the definitive air-cooled masterpiece? The best-looking, best-driving, best-spec’d—akin to a meticulously crafted Rolex.

Risk-taking defined Rob’s life: first, giving up everything for the band, believing it would lead to greatness. Then, investing in Singer Vehicle Design in 2008—a venture that now fulfills him deeply. As Singer’s creative director, Rob Dickinson’s passion for cars continues to fuel his purpose. With a roadmap ahead, he embraces each day, thrilled to be alive.

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