Triumph is a British sports motorcycle manufacturer based in Coventry.

The first Tiger T110 was presented to the public in Paris in 1953. However, it was not until 1954 that it became available in full production.

At the time of its launch, the Tiger T110 was one of the fastest bikes in the world. On 6 September 1956, at Bonneville Salt Flats, American rider Johnny Allen set the land speed record for the time with a heavily modified Triumph T110 engine, reaching a top speed of 344.67 km/h (344.67 mph).

It was nicknamed the Bathtub because of the shape of the rear fairing.


Years of production: 1953-1961. The engine was a 650 cc, four-stroke parallel twin. 45 hp.

Manufactured in Hinckley , Leicestershire , United Kingdom.


Edward Turner was Triumph’s chief designer. So it was his handiwork, but after witnessing an accident in which a young rider was killed. As it was later discovered that a frame failure had caused the death of the rider, the designers immediately switched to a stronger steering head.


It was the fastest motorcycle at the time of its launch, with a speed of 115 MP/H, and quickly became a very popular motorcycle among riders thanks to its easy and precise gear changes. It was the “sporty” version of the Thunderbird and was nicknamed the “Tiger-Bird” in the USA. It was eventually replaced by the TR6 Trophy 650.

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